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    • Y101 for 12.00R20 Radial Tire

      Contact NowY101 for 12.00R20 Radial TireFor medium-and-long distance For highway,country road,driving wheel Improving breaker endurance performance Low heat sidewall compound decreasing shoulder wear Good wear resistance and high mileage of tread Pattern characteristics For driving position Sipes have good heat dispersion,high...Read More

    • Y866 for Dump Truck Tyre 1200R20

      Contact NowY866 for Dump Truck Tyre 1200R20For mining vehicle For bad and worse road,driving position With strengthened structure,special tread compound and solid pattern block provide good wear resistance Pattern characteristics For all position Open shoulder decreases the heat on shoulder Tie-bar pattern has high anti-puncturing and...Read More

    • Y868 for Mining Truck Tire 12.00R20

      Contact NowY868 for Mining Truck Tire 12.00R20For soft ore, for mining vehicle with low speed The bad road, very bad road, with rim enhancement technology Special formula design greatly improves the tread cut resistant, anti drop block ability Pattern characteristics For all position Knife slot small make the tyre has excellent grip...Read More

    • Y601 for Radial Truck Tires 12.00R20

      Contact NowY601 for Radial Truck Tires 12.00R20For medium-and-short distance For good road,ordinary road and bad road For all position of coaches and trucks,steer wheel of trailer High wear prevention,puncture resistance and bead durability,the tire have longer life High blast resistance and guarantee the better driving safety. Pattern...Read More

    • Y602 for UNITEAM Radial Tire 1200R20

      Contact NowY602 for UNITEAM Radial Tire 1200R20For medium-and-short distance For highway and city road,all position Good wear resistance of tread,high mileage Balance inner contour design increases significantly with belt of durable performance Good grounding mark,receive strength evenly,preventing eccentric wear Pattern characteristics For...Read More

    • Y878 for 12.00R20 Tyre for Sale

      Contact NowY878 for 12.00R20 Tyre for SaleFor hard ore For mining vehicle Big block and deeper grooves provide good traction and good driving Unique tread compound has strong wear resistance and anti-puncture Pattern characteristics For driving position Transverse blocks provide stronger driving The transverse design prevents stone...Read More