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21 00R35

    • B06S E4 (18.00R25, 18.00R33, 21.00R33)

      Contact NowB06S E4 (18.00R25, 18.00R33, 21.00R33)B06S E4 (18.00R25, 18.00R33, 21.00R33) Pattern designed for trucks, provide protection at high speed. Long tyre life in harsh condition, excellent resistance to damage. Suitable for many working conditions. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • BDRS E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35)

      Contact NowBDRS E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35)BDRS E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35) Excellent traction capabilities, long tyre life. Available with either cut resistance or high speed capability. High protection in harsh conditions, designed for trucks. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • B04S2 E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35,24.00R35)

      Contact NowB04S2 E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35,24.00R35)B04S2 E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35,24.00R35) Block pattern design, to provide good traction performance. Shoulder open pattern groove design, be helpful for drainage, stone, enhance the self-cleaning properties of tie tire. Cooling groove enhanced heat dissipation function, suitable for long distance...Read More

    • B04S E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35)

      Contact NowB04S E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35)B04S E4 (18.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35) Reduced wheel spin in bad conditions. Good traction, special abrasion resistance. Excellent resistance to damage, suitable for dump loaders. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More