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    • B03S E4 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25, 18.00R25)

      Contact NowB03S E4 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25, 18.00R25)B03S E4 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25, 18.00R25) Excellent resistance to damage. Long tyre life, good ground grasping and traction in harsh condition. Suitable for dump trucks. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • BLGN G2/L2 (13.00R24, 14.00R24, 16.00R24)

      Contact NowBLGN G2/L2 (13.00R24, 14.00R24, 16.00R24)BLGN G2/L2 (13.00R24, 14.00R24, 16.00R24) With wide and stable tread. Excellent traction and adhesion. Designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort and For articulated trucks. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • LOFN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25)

      Contact NowLOFN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25)LOFN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25) Special design for grader, cutting resist compound applied, longer tire life. Unique tire pattern design, outstanding self-clean capacity, providing traction. Balance profile design applying good working stability, radial structure providing the...Read More

    • BGZN E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25)

      Contact NowBGZN E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25)BGZN E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25) High-speed capability, exceptional operate comfort. Closed shoulder design, variable pitch to minimize the noise. Special abrasion resistance. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • Y816 for 14.00R20 Military Truck Tire

      Contact NowY816 for 14.00R20 Military Truck TireThe deep pattern provides long mileage. Large pieces pattern helps spread ground pressure. Wide horizontal ditch pattern improve the strong traction and grip. Special staggered shoulder pattern design ensure the tires with good cross-country performance. Pattern characteristics For all position...Read More

    • B05N E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25, 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 18.00R25)

      Contact NowB05N E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25, 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 18.00R25)B05N E2 (14.00R24, 14.00R25, 16.00R25, 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 18.00R25) High-speed capability, exceptional operate comfort. Intermediate transverse block pattern, long tyre life. Good traction performance, suitable for cranes. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • LGXN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25)

      Contact NowLGXN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25)LGXN E3 (13.00R25, 14.00R24, 14.00R25) Strengthening tire body design, cutting, extra hard, deepen the decorative pattern design. The perfect combination of resistance to wear and tear resistant wide tire shoulder design. Big grounding area and ensure that the tire tread wear uniform strong...Read More

    • Y811 for Military Truck Tire 14.00R20

      Contact NowY811 for Military Truck Tire 14.00R20Off-road type for all position Wide design of belted layer improve passing ability in low-pressure With the special tread compound design,better abrasion resistance,resistance to stung Applicable to the cement road,mountain,desert,swamp,snow,etc all kinds of road conditions Tubeless...Read More

    • B07S IND-4 (14.00R24, 18.00R25)

      Contact NowB07S IND-4 (14.00R24, 18.00R25)B07S IND-4 (14.00R24, 18.00R25) The rugged radial tire designed for forklift trucks, terminal tractors And other industrial equipment used in heavy duty application. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More

    • G3 E3 (14.00-24NHS, 13.00-25NHS, 14.00-25NHS)

      Contact NowG3 E3 (14.00-24NHS, 13.00-25NHS, 14.00-25NHS)G3 E3 (14.00-24NHS, 13.00-25NHS, 14.00-25NHS) High strength tire carcass, wear resistant tread design. Low heat and good heat dissipation, with strong resistance to cut and abrasion resistance, suitable for use in heavy duty engineering vehicle on the mine transportation. TYRE SPECIFICATION:Read More